Flag The Hampstead Heavies
138th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery


Bully les Mines
(04/16 - 05/17)

(05/17 - 06/17)

Belgian Coast
(06/17 - 12/17)

N France and
(12/17 - 02/18)

Offensive (03/18)

Allied Offensive
(08/18 - 11/18)

Amiens,  April - August 1918

On 29 March 1918 the Battery received orders to refit in the Poix area, about 25 kms south west of Amiens. This involved the Heavies in a march of some 125 kms which was carried out in 6 days, the battery reaching Brocourt, 30 kms west of Amiens, on 3 April 1918

After two days spent refitting, the Battery commenced the march to Amiens, which was carried out between 6 - 13 April 1918. On 14 April the Centre Section alone took up a dangerous position in Gentilles Wood (10 kms south east of Amiens) which at that time was the scene of intense activity by both sides.

After holding this position for two weeks and suffering a number of severe casualties the Section eventually withdrew and the remainder of the battery took up a position 2 kms to the north west which was held for several days amid heavy hostile shelling.

After six weeks of very heavy fighting the Battery was ordered to rest and re-equip at Marieul-Caubert just south of Abbeville where it remained until 16 May 1918. The Battery returned to Amiens over the next few days, marching for most of the time beside the Somme until, on 20 May, taking up a position on the outskirts of the town where they remained for several weeks. On 13 July 1918 the Heavies moved forward to Bonnay-sur-Ancre and then on 4 August to Vaux-on-Somme in preparation for the imminent Allied counter-attack.

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