Flag The Hampstead Heavies
138th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery


War Diary
(04/16 - 01/18)

Walter Wright
(Narrative, 1926)

Hampstead and
Highgate Express
(1915 - 1954)

A Selection of Articles from The Hampstead and Highgate Express

The Hampstead Howitzer Brigade

The Howitzer Brigade, a body of about 800 men, was the first artillery unit formed in 1915 from Hampstead volunteers. As such, from July 1915 onwards the Express described in much detail the appeals for suitable young men to come forward and the progress of recruitment, which was completed by the beginning of September 1915.

The Mayor's appeal for recruits, 17 July 1915

Inaugural Meeting, 31 July 1915

Successful recruiting appeals, 7 August 1915

300 more men needed, 14 August, 1915

Recruitment complete, 4 September 1915

The Hampstead Heavies, 138 Heavy Battery, RGA

Recruitment for the Heavies commenced in August 1915 but was not reported in as much detail as for the Howitzer Brigade

Recruitment proceeding satisfactorily, 4 September 1915

Recreation for the Heavies, 25 Sept & 9 Oct 1915

Hampstead Heavies complimented, 17 June 1916

Death of Gunner A. F. Baxter, 1 July 1916

Hampstead Artillery, 2 December 1916

Hampstead men at the front, 9 June 1917

Death of Major Paris, 25 October 1918

F Edgcumbe's tribute to Major Paris, 2 November 1918

The 1918 Roll of Honour - Major Paris, 4 January 1919

The Armistice

General rejoicings in Hampstead, 16 November 1918

No articles could be traced recording the Heavies return to Hampstead after the war.

France 1956

Wilfrid Finch returns to France, 27 April 1956

Wilfrid Finch was one of the original members of the Heavies and served with the battery from the time it landed at Le Havre in April 1916 until it was disbanded in the spring of 1919. In 1956 he spent a holiday cycling over some of the places at which the battery was in action in France.

Hampstead, 1966

Reunion of Veterans, Heathman's Diary, Summer 1966

A reunion organised by "Dickie" Finch just over 50 years after the Battery arrived in France.

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