The Hampstead Heavies
These photographs show locations in France associated with the Hampstead Heavies.
Click on each to obtain a larger image and more details.
Bèthune Keyb01
Mazingarbe Key02 Key03
Notre Dame
de Lorette
Key04 Key05
Military Cemetery
Key06 Key07
Buyscherre Key08
Flavy-le-Martel Key09
Villequer-Aumont Key10
Guivry Key11
Maucourt Key12 Key13
Grandru Key14
Thiescourt Key15 Key16 Key17
Vandelicourt Key18 Key19 Key20
Bray-sur-Somme Key21 Key22
Courcelles Key23
Hamelot Key24
Hesbecourt Key25
Hargicourt Key26 Key27
Riqueval Canal Key28
Estrées Key29 Key30 Key31 Key32
Military Cemetery
Key33 Key34 Key35 Key36
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