Flag The Hampstead Heavies
138th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery


1st October 1915 to 11th November 1918

The Hampstead Heavies commenced training on 1st October 1915 and served for a total of 1,138 days until the Armistice on 11th November 1918. All of this period is covered by Walter Wright in his Narrative and in many cases his description of an event also gives its date. However, much more detailed information is available from the Battery's War Diary which survives for the 663 days between 9th April 1916 and 31st January 1918. Taken together these two sources provide completely accurate information on the number of days in which the Heavies served in the United Kingdom, France and Belgium repectively. At the end of 1917 and beginning of 1918 the Heavies crossed the Franco-Belgian border a number of times and in order to avoid double counting these days have always been included in the Belgian total. All the locations in which the Heavies served have also been accurately identified by these two sources and the distances travelled by the Heavies calculated by increasing the straight-line distance by an estimate of the distance actually travelled.


Reliable information on the activities of the Heavies on any particular day is sometimes not available but can usually be suggested by activities in surrounding days. Training, travelling between locations and leave are clear-cut but days on which there was no movement cannot always be distinguished between equipping and waiting in wagon lines (the location of horse drawn wagons containing ancillary equipment and other materials associated with the Battery). Similarly movements to and from actions are not always clearly distinguished from the action itself. With all these provisos the following table is offered as an estimate of the Heavies' activities during the 1,138 days on which they were engaged in active service.


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